Health & Safety

The term "health and safety" refers to the legal standards described in the 1974 Health and Safety Act. The term "health and safety" is commonly used to refer to occupational health and safety, which is related to injury prevention. And illness among employees and those who may be affected by their employment.

Health and safety are defined in a standard dictionary as follows:

'Regulations and procedures designed to prevent accidents or injuries in the professional or public environment.'

The Health and Safety Act of 1974 is part of the statutory law that was enacted in response to the Robbins Report *. As a result of this part of the law, the term became more popular. Prior to the Workplace Health and Safety Act, which was in 2022, the 48-year-old was regulated by the Occupational Safety Factory Act 1961 and the Office, Shop.

And the Railway Premises Act 1963 HASAW and subsequent laws have over time replaced and repealed parts of this law

Both employers and employees are responsible for workplace health and safety. Act 1974 and other health and safety laws that have been enacted as a result.