Telehandler: Versatile and powerful, the telehandler is a lifting champ in construction and agriculture.


A telehandler is a versatile lifting machine with a telescopic boom, designed for construction and agriculture. Key features include lifting capacity, telescopic reach, and various attachments for tasks like material handling. Maneuverable in tight spaces, with an operator-friendly cab, telehandlers are valued for their stability and adaptability on diverse terrains.



Manufacturer & Model Number

Maximum Reach/ Working Height



Caterpillar Telehandler

TH 580B

 17 M/56FT

 5,000.00 Kg


JCB Telehandler

 JCB 540-140


 4,000.00 Kg

Caterpillar TH 580B Telehandler 

Caterpillar Telehandler refers to a telehandler machine manufactured by Caterpillar Inc., a well-known construction and heavy equipment manufacturer. A telehandler is a type of lifting equipment with a telescopic boom, designed for various tasks in construction and agriculture. This particular machine from Caterpillar is recognized for its robust design, featuring a telescopic boom for extended reach and versatility in lifting operations.



The Caterpillar Telehandler TH 580B is a model in Caterpillar's telehandler lineup, designed for lifting and placing loads in construction and agricultural settings. The "TH" indicates it's a TeleHandler, and "580B" likely denotes the model or series number. The TH580B is a highly versatile machine, designed to deliver maximum performance with traditional Cat reliability, durability, and productivity in the toughest working conditions.




Manufacturer: Caterpillar

Model: TH 580B

Working Height: 17 M/56FT
Weight/ Capacity: 5,000.00 Kg
SICHO Owns: 1

JCB 540-140 Telehandler

JCB, a well-known construction and agricultural equipment manufacturer, produces a range of telehandlers. Telehandlers, also known as telescopic handlers, are versatile machines for lifting and placing loads. JCB's telehandlers come in various models with different lift capacities, lift heights, and features to suit different applications.



JCB 540-140 is a versatile machine with maximum lift and reach of 13.8m and 9.25m respectively. The maximum load capacity is 4,000kg. Operator comfort is a key feature comprehensively covered by Manitou who provide a cab with good visibility, ventilation, and easy-to-use controls that help reduce operator fatigue.


Manufacturer: JCB

Model: JCB 540-140

Working Height: 13.8M/45.3FT
Weight/ Capacity: 4,000.00 Kg
SICHO Owns: 1