Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance in Bangladesh is a key step for multinational firms. Bangladesh Customs is in charge of ensuring that all items entering or departing the nation adhere to the government's regulatory standards and processes. Obtaining import and export licenses, customs valuation, classification, and paperwork, paying taxes and fees, and filing customs reports are all part of the customs clearing procedure in Bangladesh. Pre-arrival processes, inspection and release of products, and post-clearance audits are all included.

Chittagong, Mongla, Benapole, and Dhaka International Airport are among the customs ports in Bangladesh. These ports play an important role in promoting international trade and handle a large number of products each year.

The types of goods that can be imported and exported in Bangladesh include textiles, garments, pharmaceuticals, leather, and jute products.

Delays caused by bureaucratic procedures, as well as a lack of transparency, are key hurdles for firms in Bangladesh throughout the customs clearance process. To address these issues, businesses can hire a clearing and forwarding agency to help them manage the customs clearance procedure and assure compliance with regulatory standards. One of these is SICHO Group is the forerunner. From 1968 until the present, you have had a dependable companion.

Businesses may take various extra actions, in addition to hiring a clearing and forwarding company, to guarantee seamless customs clearance in Bangladesh. Investing in technology to speed up customs operations, completing due diligence on suppliers and customers, and keeping correct and full customs clearance documentation are just a few examples. Businesses may lessen the likelihood of delays and other issues during the customs clearance process by following these actions.

The taxes and fees levied by the customs officials are another essential part of customs clearance in Bangladesh. Customs Duties, Value-Added Tax (VAT), Advance Income Tax (AIT), and other taxes are among them. Businesses must comprehend these taxes and levies and figure them into their import and export expenses. Noncompliance with tax and fee obligations can result in fines and other legal repercussions.

Finally, customs clearance in Bangladesh is critical for promoting commerce, safeguarding the economy, and maintaining security. The Bangladesh Customs Department supervises the process and ensures that customs procedures, duties, and taxes are followed. The continuing strengthening of the customs clearance system will be critical to Bangladesh's economic success and progress, as well as the prosperity of its people.

Streamlining Customs Clearance in Bangladesh: The Role of C&F Agents

Customs clearance is a crucial process in international trade that involves complying with various legal and regulatory requirements for the import and export of goods. However, the emergence of professional Customs & Forwarding (C&F) agents has played a significant role in streamlining the customs clearance process. Among these agents, SICHO Group has established itself as a reliable and efficient partner for businesses seeking smooth customs clearance in Bangladesh.

Functions of C&F Agents

Ø  Documentation and Pre-clearance

Ø  Tariff Classification and Valuation

Ø  Customs Declaration and Coordination

Ø  Duty Optimization and Trade Compliance

Ø  Trade Facilitation and Risk Mitigation


SICHO Group is a renowned C&F agent with extensive expertise and experience in handling customs clearance procedures in Bangladesh. Their team of professionals possesses in-depth knowledge of customs regulations, documentation requirements, and the overall logistics process. With years of experience in the industry, SICHO Group has developed a thorough understanding of the customs landscape, enabling them to navigate complexities efficiently.

§  Efficient Documentation

§  Customs Compliance

§  Effective Communication and Coordination

§  Efficient Logistics Management

SICHO Group plays a crucial role in streamlining customs clearance in Bangladesh by leveraging its expertise, experience, and strong relationships with customs authorities. By engaging SICHO Group as a C&F agent, businesses can benefit from efficient documentation, customs compliance, effective communication, and coordinated logistics management. With their commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction, SICHO Group has become a trusted partner for businesses seeking hassle-free customs clearance in Bangladesh.


v  Vast experience in handling critical documents.

v  Team with cumulative experience of over 300+ years.

v  Above 1500+ high-value documents handled per year of IP/SRO types.

v  Processing documentation on time.

v  Getting permissions from concerned Govt depts.

v  C&F operation performed in the following ports

§  Chittagong Seaport Customs House

§  Mongla Seaport Customs House

§  Dhaka Airport Customs House

§  Benapole Landport Customs House

§  Matarbari LC station

§  Payra Customs House

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