Multi Modal Transportation - Road, River & Rail

Multi-modal transportation refers to the movement of goods or people using multiple modes of transportation within a single journey or supply chain. These modes can include various combinations of road, rail, air, sea and pipeline transport. The goal of multi-modal transportation is to optimize the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the overall transportation process.

Key Components of Multi-Modal Transportation:

Multi-modal transportation relies on a well-connected infrastructure that allows for seamless transitions between different modes of transport. This includes integrated terminals, hubs and transfer points.

Advanced information technology plays a crucial role in coordinating and managing multi-modal transportation. Real-time tracking, data sharing and communication systems help optimize routes, reduce delays and enhance overall efficiency.

Multi-modal transportation is often associated with supply chain and logistics management. Integration of various transportation modes requires careful planning and coordination to ensure a smooth and timely movement of goods.

Multi-modal systems offer flexibility, allowing for adaptation to changing conditions. This adaptability is important in responding to market demands, unexpected disruptions, and changes in transportation patterns.

Multi-modal transportation facilitates global trade by providing efficient means of moving goods across various regions and countries. It enables businesses to tap into international markets more effectively.

Functions of SICHO Group

Our freight services offer a complete solution for moving items to their final destinations, employing a variety of means of transportation such as boats, heavy-duty vehicles, and trailers. We take pleasure in the breadth of our solutions, which allow us to satisfy a wide range of cargo needs.

One of our distinguishing features is the availability of a 35-ton air-cushioned trailer, which is particularly built for the safe transportation of delicate material. We use this specialist technology to ensure that fragile items arrive at their destinations without damage or compromise.

Our significant experience negotiating crucial roads across Bangladesh has sharpened our ability to solve transportation problems. We have extensive experience handling various terrains and assuring the seamless transit of products across the country.

We have tugboats with incredible power up to 1100 HP for canal transportation. This allows us to accelerate river deliveries, enabling faster and more efficient transportation choices.

Furthermore, we own barges with capacities of up to 1200 tons, allowing us to carry heavy-weight freight via river channels. These barges have the capability and stability to handle heavy loads, assuring safe and dependable transportation.

To accommodate enormous freight, we have the region's largest capacity low-bed trailer, capable of hauling up to 180 tons. This technology enables us to easily manage large-scale shipments, offering a seamless solution for heavy and bulky commodities. Moreover, our high-bed trailer with a capacity of 25 tons caters to the transportation needs of goods with specific height requirements.

We are devoted to delivering products securely, efficiently, and reliably, thanks to our broad set of freight services and vast choice of transportation alternatives. You can rely on us to manage your goods with the highest care and skill, ensuring flawless travel to its destination.




v  35 Ton capacity of air-cushioned trailer for transporting sensitive cargo

v  Vast experience in transporting cargo in different critical routes across Bangladesh

v  Tugboats up to 740 HP for faster transportation by waterways

v  We own barges up to 1200-ton capacity to transport heavy-weight cargo by river

v  We own the highest capacity low bed trailer of 180-ton capacity and high bed trailer of 25-ton capacity


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