ODC & Heavy Lift Planning & Execution

ODC (over-dimension cargo) and heavy lifting are terms commonly used in the field of logistics and transportation, particularly in the context of moving large and bulky items that exceed standard dimensions allowed for regular transportation, including cargo that is larger, longer, wider, or heavier than the typical size limitations and weight limits. SICHO has its own Equipment Division, including equipment for Over-Dimensional Cargo (ODC) and Super-Over-Dimensional Cargo (SODC) handling, to provide end-to-end project engineering and project logistics solutions to our clients.

ODC (Over-Dimension Cargo):

ODC, or Over-Dimensional Cargo, refers to goods or cargo that exceed the standard dimensions allowed for regular transport. This can include oversized, over-height, over-width, or over-length items. ODC is a common term in the logistics industry, especially when dealing with unique and large items that require special handling and transportation arrangements.

Over-Height: Exceeding the standard height limit for transportation.

Over-Width: Wider than the standard width allowed on roads or transportation modes.

Over-Length: longer than the standard-length restrictions.

Over-Weight: Heavier than the standard weight limits.

Transporting ODC often requires specialized equipment, permits, and careful route planning to ensure the cargo's safe and compliant movement. ODC shipments may include components of industrial projects, machinery, construction equipment, and other oversized items.

Heavy Lifting:

Heavy lifting, as the term suggests, involves the lifting and transportation of exceptionally heavy loads. This can include individual items or components that are too heavy for standard lifting equipment or transportation methods. Heavy lifting operations are commonly associated with industrial projects, construction, and large machinery or equipment transportation.

Key Aspects of Heavy Lifting:

  • Specialized Equipment
  • Rigging and Support Structures
  • Engineering and Planning
  • Safety Measures

Planning and Execution:

The planning and execution of the transportation of over-dimensional cargo (ODC) and heavy lifts require meticulous attention to detail, specialized skills, and careful coordination. SICHO carefully addresses these planning and execution considerations, so logistics professionals and project managers can successfully navigate the complexities of transporting over-dimensional cargo (ODC) and executing heavy lift operations.


  • Engineering Analysis
  • Route Survey
  • Permitting and Regulatory Compliance
  • Transportation Mode Selection
  • Weather and Environmental Conditions
  • Safety Protocols


  • Load Preparation
  • Cranes and Rigging
  • Transportation Coordination
  • Escort and Support Vehicles
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Contingency Planning
  • Documentation and Reporting


  • First Bangladeshi company to own Goldhofer Multi-axle for faster and safer ODC & SODC transportation.
  • We Have the largest fleet of such kind in Bangladesh.
  • First and only Bangladeshi company to own Terex Demag CC2800 crane of 600-ton capacity to ensure handling of ODC/Heavy lift cargo safely.
  • Ranging different capacities of crane up from 18 Ton to 600-ton MAN and Mercedes Benz puller of German Origin along with low bed trailers up to 180 Ton capacity.

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